Privacy Policy

This privacy statement and policy applies to the online electronic commerce services of:


Lonnys Wardrobe, Inc.

2031 E Merrick Rd.

Merrick, Long Island 11566


Lonnys Wardrobe has created the following privacy policy to provide the user of this site with information and protection.  Lonnys Wardrobe is committed to protecting the privacy of its site’s users.  We are dedicated to electronic security and customer privacy and therefore only use personal information provided to us through our site to create a more personalized experience for our users, as outlined below.


Personal Information


The information provided to us by users during registration is used only to provide users with a personalized experience on our site.  Lonnys Wardrobe may use information gathered during transactions to create reports to help us determine how to enhance our users’ experience on our site.  Any account information that is provided to us will only be used to process requested transactions or to contact a site user regarding a particular transaction.  This data will remain anonymous and will only be used for internal purposes.  Lonnys Wardrobe does not disclose any customer information to third parties without prior consent from our customers.  The only reason we would provide this information to a third party is if there is reason to suspect that one of our users is violating the terms of our company or pursuing some type of illegal activity on our site. 


The only people who may have access to the information collected from users and customers on our site are Lonnys employees and anyone acting on our behalf.  Those people who do have access to this information are contractually bound to keep all individual and identifying information confidential.

Any delivery service we use to deliver our products may only use the information we provide to them in order to complete the delivery.  We may also use our customers’ contact information to contact them about promotions, new products, or site features.  Customers may opt-out of receiving these types of communications from us by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our commercial emails. 


Lonnys Wardrobe also collects information about its users by using data tracking software to find out which areas of the site are visited most frequently and what items are the most popular.  Using this software, we gain valuable information about our customers’ preferences that we use to optimize our site’s user experience.



Lonnys Wardrobe uses cookies to provide its users with the best possible shopping experience.  We specifically use third-party cookies from Google to analyze where visitors go on our site and what they do while they are on our website.  Google may also use anonymous information about the way our customers use our and other websites in order to enhance its products and services. 

We collect information for the following purposes:

·         To identify users while they shop, so that we can keep the items they have chosen 
          in their “shopping cart”.

·         To customize the site experience specifically to each user based on current and past activities.

·         To help us make decisions about which site features would benefit our customers the most.

·         To enhance the hardware and software used to provide performance data about our site.

·         To contact you by mail or email about products or services unless you specifically 
          request otherwise.